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def scanerrlog::ApacheErrorLog::pdfreport (   self,
  withheader = 0 

Outputs the report in pdf format

Definition at line 864 of file scanerrlog.py.

00864                                                                                                         : # no header needed
                """Outputs the report in pdf format"""
                if not self.__read :
                        self.__stderrmessage("Error logfile [%s] not read" % repr(self.__infile))
                else :
                        if _HaveReportLab :
                                PDFReport(outputfile, title, self.__ascdate(time.time()), withheader, self).output()
                        else :
                                self.__stderrmessage(["ScanErrLog: It seems you lack the ReportLab python module.\n", \
                                        "This module which handles PDF file generation is now necessary for ScanErrLog to work correctly.\n", \
                                        "You can download ReportLab from http://www.reportlab.com\n", \
                                        "However, any ReportLab version older than July 13th 2000 will not work.\n" ])

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